Helios ADDM

What is Helios Platform?

Helios FH

Helios platform is a network, network elements, server applications monitoring, security, and automation platform, designed to serve over servers on closed data networks or over private and public cloud structures using open source code infrastructure.

The following modules can be activated on a license basis on Helios platform, where each function is configured based on the module architecture.

Network Monitoring Module (NMS)

It monitors IP-based devices on the network, using SNMP, SNMP trap, ICMP SSH/Telnet, WMI, RPC, API. It creates graphics from statistical data. It allows the operator to quickly identify the problem and take action. Together with the IP address management (IPAM) plugin, it provides effective management of the IP address space. With the Flow plugin, sflow, jflow, netflow can work as a collector.

Server and Service Monitoring Module (SrvMon)

It is used to monitor services or server applications on servers . The tracking of the hardware resource makes the status of the services and related applications visible. It can be especially beneficial for the use of specific services such as web and database and for monitoring the storages working with these servers. Url-based tracking can be done.

Cloud Resource Module (CloudMon)

Displays the resource service usage of cloud platforms and the hosts on them. Graphs statistical data. It aims to use resources efficiently on a basis of the hypervisor.

Application Dependency Map

It creates dependency maps and inventory of the server along with the services running on the server. It collects data from the server with and/or without an agent.

Automation Module (Autoops)

It allows to construct of repetitive operational operations on network elements with API support. It manages scripts for the interoperability of devices from different manufacturers through APIs.

You can visit
https://www.helios-platform.com/ for detailed information about the Helios platform and to contact us about the product.

Helios FH

Helios is a module-based platform. Modules run on Helios’ Frame Handler (FH). FH is mainly responsible for the management of the following items;

Enabling or removing modules,

Updates and periodically controls the platform and/or modules,

Defining users who will log in to the platform, integration with external authentication servers, RBAC definitions

Export or import user data, complete cleaning of configuration data,

Sharing the data produced by the platform with protocols and applications such as SNMP, SNMP trap, RestAPI, Syslog(TCP/UDP).

Activation of licenses, de-activation, validity date tracking.

IP configuration of the platform, digital certificates (CA certificates, device certificate transactions), Vlan definitions, routing table operations, time and time server definition

Simple network checking tools (ping, tracert, nslookup, port probe, arp ping, wmi check, etc.),

Viewing, deleting, back up, routing logs of management, platform and module activities,

Instant or periodic sending of draft or customized reports.


  • Data traffic analysis, discovery, and reporting before Data Center Migration

ADDM can be used to collect existing servers’ and application inventory on these servers in Data Center Migration projects. ADDM takes inventory of servers with its discovery module and creates application usage and dependency map by collecting data from servers with/without agents.

  • Real-Time Server and Application Monitoring

Services running on Lnx/Ms-based servers and traffic flow related to these services can be monitored on real-time from the ADDM interface.

  • Peripheral safety device hardening and optimization

ADDM can correlate the configuration and operational records of the application and server inventory that was created on it by integrating with devices such as network-based firewall, router, waf, lb devices that support API/ssh, etc. For example, it can determine written rules for a service that was previously used on a firewall but was later revoked. Some currently supported manufacturers are Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Cisco, Juniper, Pulse Secure, F5 Networks