Neta CRM

What is NETA?


NETA CRM is a CRM module that allows you to view and manage important topics for your company such as opportunity management, sales process management, communication management, risk management and workflow management on a single screen.


Authorization Types in NETA

Neta CRM ikonlar 01Sales Representative Neta CRM ikonlar 02Sales Support Personnel
Neta CRM ikonlar 03Accounting Neta CRM ikonlar 04Manager
  • It includes modules such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Media Server (DMS), Digital Multimetre (DMM), AGG, STOR, TMS.
  • Each modüle can be used individually or modules can be combined together.
  • Each modüle can be customized independently according to company needs.
  • Active Directory Authentication is used for system login. Login is done with the user name and password registered in Active Directory.
  • With NETA CRM opportunity management module, you can track the opportunities related to your potential and existing customers and follow all the activities related to offers, documents and processes on a single screen.
  • The ticket system, which allows you to communicate with your customer with NETA HelpDesk, is an easy-to-use customer support system.
  • With the Customer Portal, your customers can open a ticket (support request) regarding the services or products they formerly received from your institution.
  • When customers want to open a ticket through the Portal, they can log in with the username and password defined for them and can update this password according to their preferences.

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Technical Portal

It is a system developed for support departments to collect, manage, assign  and organize the progress of the support process, such as the support requests sent by e-mail or entered through the portal, on a specific screen.

  • Technical personnel can list the tickets assigned to themselves or assigned to their group on a screen.
  • You can add a note to the ticket, add a file, change the assigned technical person or forward the ticket to another group from the ticket detail.
  • When adding a note to the ticket detail, the start and end date of the work can be entered.
  • Every transaction is logged in the details of the ticket and can be tracked backwards.
  • It can update the status of the technical ticket, send notification for each transaction to the customer, group or group manager.
  • You can delete the ticket from the ticket detail screen, and combine this ticket with other tickets.

Warehouse Module

You can easily track the inputs and outputs, information, quantities, and movement records of the products in the warehouse


You can monitor all the actions of your company on versatile reporting screens with lists and graphics, where all data in the system can be dynamically queried.