NOC & SOC Services

Security requires
experience and expertise.

It is worth mentioning that NOC and SOC services are not the same thing. Although both have very different roles in companies, there are also overlaps in terms of working principles when it comes to architecture, tools, and skills.

BNTPRO primarily provides network operations center (NOC) services to fulfill the service level agreements (SLA) it offers to its customers. Our goal is to address issues that affect the performance and availability of the network. Companies need perfectly functioning IT systems to provide products and services to their customers. BNTPRO network operations center (NOC) therefore focuses on dealing with issues that can lead to downtime.

BNTPRO SOC Services aim to establish a safe zone against anything that may affect the security of its customers’ information assets. This service can include creating private clouds, monitoring data packets inside and outside the IT network, and even educating customers about the dangers of phishing. BNTPRO’s focus here is both to maintain trust in the brand by preventing the loss of trade secrets, and to protect customer data.

Our experts have deep knowledge and experience of our customers’ network and security needs. By investing considerable time and effort in research inorder to develop a well-equipped NOC and SOC operations center, BNTPRO ensures exemplary service delivery. We work with the most qualified professionals in their fields to provide our customers with the most up-to-date solutions regarding their network and security problems.

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