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What is SecTrail?

SecTrail provides corporate network users with additional authentication steps in accordance with the data security policies set by the company or institutions for remote or local network access. The aim of these steps is to question the authenticity of the user with secondary and more verification steps and thus to prevent the use of digital user credentials that have been seized or exchanged.

SecTrail, can be integrated with virtual network access (VPN) and many similar cybersecurity products in the market. It offers many features such as software key (soft OTP) applications that generate one-time passwords on mobile devices, one-time password sending via SMS or e-mail, password combinations that can be changed as desired and captcha support.

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SecTrail, can be operated at local servers on-premise, especially in the areas that require additional security restrictions such as banking, government institutions and similar. This feature of SecTrail ensures that corporate private information can be verified without being distributed to external networks (Cloud Services).


With its stable structure, SecTrail is used by leading companies in Turkey with a very low interruption rate.

Technology Partnership

As a result of its reliable work in the industry, SecTrail established technological partnerships with Pulse Secure and Palo Alto. Studies are continuing for technology partnerships with other leading companies in the field of security technologies..


SecTrail has a wide variety of integration options and provides additional verification stages by being integrated with various cybersecurity products. Integration diversity is increasing day by day thanks to the flexibility of its structure..

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SecTrail Authenticator

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SecTrail Authenticator mobile application, produces software keys for apps which are already protected by SecTrail and other well-known apps such as Azure, Github, Twitter, Gmail etc.

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