Data Center Solutions

Design, setup,
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Most service providers and businesses today incorporate a scalable approach against data center design and deployment. With its experienced and expert certified engineers, BNTPRO offers manufacturer-independent approaches and provides scalable architectures and solutions in accordance with international data center standards.

Evaluation and design suggestions are shared as a result of detailed examinations for customers’ existing data center infrastructures. While the evaluation service, which is offered independently of the manufacturer, reveals the picture of the existing structure with a wide projection, design suggestions depending on the growth and expansion targets of the customers are made. It is aimed to create uninterrupted, flexible, and reliable structures with the works carried out, considering the business continuity policies of the customers.

Together with its expert engineers BNTPRO, creates data center designs in accordance with international standards and in line with the business goals, needs, and growth plans of its customers. BNTPRO provides end-to-end installation services in this context.

With the consultancy during the modernization of existing data centers, new data center design and installation operations BNTPRO provides value-added services to its customers.

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