SecTrail Certificate Manager

What is SecTrail CM?

SecTrail CM is used to manage digital certificates used by active devices and servers running on Data Networks for TLS/SSL protocols.

SecTrail CM handles the digital certificate management itself without the need for human factor intervention. This operation is currently done manually in many institutions and companies, causing them many disadvantages and waste of time.

Why is SecTrail CM Necessary?

SecTrail CM can be used at cases where digital certificate management needs to be done simultaneously on more than one device and server.
SecTrail CM can track and report whenever the certificates on the devices and servers should be renewed. It also automates the renewal process of these certificates.
The number of nodes that SecTrail CM can simultaneously manage certificates is 10 thousand.
SecTrail CM periodically checks whether the certificates issued by the certificate authorities are still valid. Therefore, it also has a warning mechanism for certificates that are withdrawn for different reasons other than time constraints.
SecTrail CM

Features of SecTrail CM

Automation Workflows
  • Automating your business processes,
  • Creating workflow processes in line with your own needs,
  • Automate your own tasks by creating and scheduling.
Certificate Integration
  • Determining the topologies of the environment where the certificates will be installed by scanning the devices, installing and commissioning the certificates.
Logging and Reporting
  • Producing records of transactions,
  • Forwarding these records to the desired places,
  • Reporting transactions.
Alarm Generation and System Analysis
  • Monitoring certificates and predetermining their expiry date,
  • Generating alarms and notifying them to necessary units.
Multi-Device Integration
  • Having a wide range of integrations with many devices