Network Solutions & Consulting Services

Anything that you may need
regarding network solutions…

BNTPRO’s experienced and certified network consultants provide advice and guidance related to the design, implementation, support, and management of your network infrastructure. BNTPRO provides manufacturer-independent IT consultancy services for the needs such as network and network components, internet and inter-office connection, positioning of network devices, application of VPN technologies and many more.

Our way of working with you as part of your team allows us to share our network consulting experience and knowledge about the technologies you use, which in turn targets greater operational efficiency in your daily work.

BNTPRO Network Consulting is one of the services that we usually offer to troubleshoot issues that cannot be resolved in-house, evaluate network security or your network infrastructure, or troubleshoot compatibility issues. We also provide network health checks on which we base our recommendations for improvement or corrective action as needed. Our network consulting services are end-to-end and include Wide Area Network (WAN) provisioning and optimization services at all network layers through Local Area Network (LAN) design and management.

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